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       Upper Body Massage  
  • $55 / 30 minutes

Applied to the back, neck and shoulders only.  
A combination of light and deep movements
to promote relaxation and release tension.  
For clients who hold stress in their upper
body.  Also for clients new to massage.
       Swedish Massage  
  • $75 / 60 minutes
  • $95/ 75 minutes
  • $85 / 60 minutes w/ Target Deep Tissue

A lighter, therapeutic massage is given to relax
muscles.  Good for first-time clients new to
massage, the elderly, or clients under stress.
       Deep Tissue Massage
  • $85 / 60 minutes
  • $100 / 75 minutes

A combination of light and deep movements is applied
to the body to help alleviate pain and fatigue.  Deep
movements are applied only to areas of muscle
contraction.  Good for clients with acute or chronic
muscle pain, and super stressed-out clients.
       Hot Stone Massage
  • $110 / 75 minutes

Smooth, polished Basalt Lava stones are heated and gently massaged into the muscles.  Stones
are also placed on contracted muscles to slowly release tension.  For clients who want a relaxing,
emotionally soothing treatment.  Also, clients with extremely sore muscles.
       Prenatal Massage  
  • $90 / 60 minutes

A light, therapeutic massage to promote calm
and relaxation.  Helps to dispense edema,
hastens elimination of toxic debris, and
improves blood and lymphatic circulation.
  • $60 / 45 minutes

A controlled amount of pressure is applied to
the feet to promote psychological well-being
and energy flow around the body.  The feet
are regarded as mirrors of the body, and
pressure on specific points (reflexes) found
on them treats corresponding areas of the
body.  The pressure used in reflexology is not
painful, but the recipient may respond with a
range of sensations.
  • $30 /  30 minutes
  • $60 / 60 minutes

A Japanese system of relaxation and
stress reduction that often promotes
healing.  When activated and applied for
the purpose of healing, Reiki addresses
body, mind, and spirit.  
 Similar to the
laying on of hands, Reiki is performed
while the client is fully clothed.
       Massage for the Cancer Patient
  • $30 / 30 minutes (includes Reiki)
  • $60 / 60 minutes (includes Reiki with hand
    and foot massage)

A physically and emotionally relaxing massage that
reduces stress and provides substantial comfort.  
Reiki is combined with hand and foot massage.  
Scientific studies show that cancer patients
receiving massage have lower anxiety scores than
those receiving no massage therapy.
 Please let us
know if you're under a doctor's care.
  • $10 (add to any massage treatment)

Aromatherapy is a healing therapy that utilizes the properties and aromas of essential
plant oils entering the body either by the skin through massage, or the nose, by a diffuser.  
Whether taken into the skin, or inhaled, the properties of essential oils are vast, promoting
health and well-being.  The most popular aromatherapy: lavender.  Lavender  promotes
calm, relieves pain, and strengthens the body's immune system.  Aromatherapy can be
added to any massage treatment.  
  • Not sure which one of our massage therapies is best for you or your gift recipient?
  • Ask one of our highly experienced professionals to assist you in choosing / 908-236-0866

  • A professional hour relates to 50-55 minutes of actual service time

  • New clients, please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled service
  • If you arrive late you may not be able to enjoy your full service time
  • Prices do not include sales tax
Why indulge in a La Bella massage?
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